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Superior insulation in our eco-friendly GreenSmart Homes can save you thousands on your utility bills. Live Green with Great Southern Homes. Check out some of the features our GreenSmart Homes offer:

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Features of GreenSmart Home Plans
  1. R-50 Attic Insulation

    The most crucial aspect of home insulation. Reduces cooler air escaping through the ceiling.

  2. Advanced Framing Techniques

    Reduces environmental impact. Reduces construction waste.

  3. Thermal Envelope Air Sealing

    Ensures less air infiltration.

  4. Tankless Water Heating

    Lasts longer, less waste, more hot water. Cost effective, fresher/cleaner water.

  5. Energy Efficient HVAC System

    Improves energy efficiency. Improves air quality.

  6. Programmable Thermostat

    Supply personal comfort through preset temperature levels.

  7. HERS Rating by Third Party

    Ensures minimal air leakage inside the thermal envelope. Accurately measures energy efficiency.

  8. Low VOC Paint and Carpet

    Less impact on the air quality. Reduces allergy causing pathogens.

  9. High Performance & Low E Windows

    Insulates heat during colder months. Reduces/reflects warmth in warmer months.

  10. LED Bulbs in Fixtures

    Efficient/high-quality lighting reduces air and water pollution.

  11. Water-Conserving Shower Heads & Faucets

    Use up to 30% less water.

  12. Energy Star Appliances

    Lowers utility costs. Improves quality/durability.

  13. Home Automation Systems

    Helps control energy costs and home security remotely.

  14. USB Charging Station with Bluetooth Speakers 

    Enjoy your personal playlists with no additional equipment.

  15. We Offer an Energy Guarantee

    Optional 2-year energy guarantee available on all Great Southern Homes.

  16. Sentricon® Termite Protection

    Green Chemistry Award Winner


* GreenSmart features may vary by community. Be sure to ask your agent for more details. Also, we offer Optional Two-Year Residential Money Back Energy Guarantee.

Greensmart Homes
A GreenSmart Home uses state-of-the-art technology to make your house smart and energy efficient.
Live smart
Most Great Southern Homes incorporates Honeywell’s Lyric™, a high-tech home automation system.
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